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Saucer Sling

Out of fuel and in the depths of space, you find yourself stranded on your spinning saucer with no way of returning home. As the days become weeks, and resources start running out, you come up with the genius idea to use the gravity of nearby planets to jump through the conveniently placed worm holes to get back to Earth! As you scramble around through the lost and found drawer, you finally find the gravity altering ray gun your buddy Jim told you to never use (something about adjusting gravity will destroy ecosystems and organisms on planets, or something?). With this you can increase or decrease the gravity on nearby planets and sling yourself safely home.

Fling yourself through a few demo levels with this gravity manipulation based puzzle game. This game was made for the 2018 Global Game Jam with the theme being "transmission". This game was made within 48 hours and was the first game the team made together.

Controls :

Left Click - Increase gravity size

Right Click - Decrease gravity size

Space bar - Pause game

The music for this game was made by Matt Sutton. If you are interested in more of his work you can check him out here: https://soundcloud.com/su_ton

Install instructions

When downloaded, extract the folder anywhere you want and then run the .exe file called "Transmission".


SaucerSling.zip 255 MB

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